Sunday, March 13, 2005

When someone appreciates - feels good

I know anybody just saying me that I am good wont make me good, in the same way anybody just saying me bad or inefficient doesnt make me bad or inefficient. Still when people comment and make statements we are hearing from some corner and then we find ourselves dejected, off mood. Sometimes our whole day gets lost dejected.

What is this? I call this surrendering control to people. We are so vulnerable sometimes that we could not understand that people are controlling our lives. As soon as I enter the office, someone asked me hey are you ill or what, your face looks yello and pale. For the whole day I feel something is wrong with me. I work in a dull manner. What has that person done to me. He has just commented on me. That actually doesnt makes any physical change in me. But my chemistry is certainly changes. My mood is off. This is that other person who is controlling my life. He has decided how I should spend my day, and I have easily surrendered to him.

Taking the concept to the other side. If we want to make someone's day then we must search for chances where we can tell the person his abilities. The real ones. When I told one of my friends that he talks so good that his recorded cassettes can be marketed and will be successfull. He was in high spirits the whole day, and I was also happy as I havent said anything untrue.

kadhee javaLachyaa mitraakaDe
phakta tyaachyaa saaThee jaave
aapalee duHkhe aapalyaa chi.ntaa
sagaLe tevaDhyaa purate visaraave

gelyaa gelyaa tyaas mhaNaave
phakta tujhyaa saaThee aalo
tujhee aaThavaN yet hotee
iatakyaat bheTach jhaalee navhatee

to sukhaane phuloon yeiil
ekaTepaNaa visaroon jaaiil
tyaachaa ujalataa cheharaa paahoon
aapaNahee ujaLoon yaave

kadhee javaLachyaa mitraakaDe
phakta tyaachyaa saaThee jaave

            (tushhaar, naagapoor)

We tell qualities of others seldomely. If we can make someone's day just by saying some good thing then we must do it atleast twice. But of-course saying what is not should be avoided.


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