Saturday, March 15, 2008

Family venture

The Hotel Pride near our house has a gymnasium and a swimming pool. They provide annual family memberships for Gym and the swimming pool. We got our membership on 1st March 2008. The situation in Infospectrum changed exactly same time and I started spending most of my day time and even night time for some days in office. This made us put off our Gym and Swimming plans on hold for 15 days.

Today was the day when we first entered the Gym and did workout. Radha was playing around when I was walking on the treadmill and Seema was cycling. Radha was confused first but she got accustomed to the environment quickly. The experience was good and we felt that the decision to join this Gym was good.

The credit goes to Anna and Aai. They consistently insisted on we getting this membership. Look Ma we have started our exercise.

with regards

(Image courtesy Si Brindley)

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