Wednesday, March 02, 2005


The question raised by Abhijit was somewhat like this:

> There are some yahoogroups named like Maratha,
> Chitpawan/kobraweb ,shimpi s , vanjari s ,parsi s I
> mean to say is racially discriminated groups.

> Sunita Nandu wrote:> . . . . aaplaya jatichi manse
> gola karane v dusrayalay dur lotane hyachi janiv
> tumhi dusra jatichya manasalya karaun det aahe.

This statement is biased. When people of some common interests and intentions come together, we cannot always say that they are ignoring others, or discriminating others.

> Sunita Nandu wrote:
> Aata aapan 21 va shatakat aahe tevha dharma, jatiyata hi
> sarve bajula tevun aapan sarve ekatra yene aavashyak
> aahe.

Ok. This concept needs some more thinking and explanation.Let me put the things in a different way. Suppose you are in trouble due to some family tradition and perplexed whatto do in a particular festival at home, what you do. The normal solution is to contact some family member near orfar who has gone through the same traditions and ritualsand to ask about their comment on it. So if these type offamily problems are discussed on some yaho group bycollecting all family members scattered in the world, can it be calledas discrimination.

The whole idea of gathering is not to ignore others, discriminate others always. When you classmates meet after many dayscan it be called ignoring other scoolmates? :-O or discrimination?

> Sunita Nandu wrote:
> jar ashi pratek jatichi yahoogroups keli tar aapan pakat tya
> jatimadhe adkun rahu sahakto va jatiyavaad nirmaan
> karane aahe.

What I feel is creation of Family or the whole concept of living together as a family is formed for synergy, and notto discriminate other non family members. When you livein one house, with one good name to it, are you dicriminatingpeople living in other houses just because you are not livingtogether?

The single point I am highlighting is one should also thinkon the other side of the coin, the situation. If some peoplewith similar past and experiences, eager to discuss the pastand solve the problems due to fixed traditions then a betterway is to gather similar people and discuss the problemwithg them first before putting the things in front ofall the Desh Ki Janata.

> Veena Hosur wrote:
> Classification on the basis of caste like "brahmins
> group" or Iyengars group" or "Maratha group" that is a
> different thing.

I dont feel it as a bad thing if it is done for discussionsand betterment of past traditions, and for solutionsto the problems faced by the community as a whole.

How to perform "BodaN" can only and should be discussedwith people who have done it or know how to do it sobetter be discussed in a group formed by similar traditions.

This doesnt mean people are discriminating others who dontknow anything about "BodaN", (a tradition followed only bysome kokanastha people)

> Veena Hosur wrote:
> I do know such groups created by
> fanatics exists who cannot think beyond their caste or
> creed. Thats a different story all together and the
> less said about them the better as these people are
> still living in stone-age.

I dont know what groups are referred by the above statements but when ever i have got a chance to discuss with groups formed on caste basis i alwayshave seen a concern in members for better communicationof the traditions, rituals, betterment of the community


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