Sunday, August 14, 2005

Myths becoming truths

Story of the farmer
I have heard the story of a farmer who when asked by several thieves about carrying a dog when he actually was carrying a goat. Finally farmer got convinced that there is some ghost in the goat and the goat is either appearing him as a goat and actually it is not, or it is appearing as a dog to others due to some haunting ghost. And the farmer ran away leaving a goat for the thieves for the dinner.

Repetitive projection of lie as truth makes it look like truth
Yes, it does happen in our day to day life. When we see a young man, without any outstanding skills, wooing a beautiful girl by silly stunts; and ultimately the girl falling in love with him. Our young minds see this fact happening again and again in movies and serials and finally it is registered in the sub conscious that the life works this way only.

We see heroes and heroines getting success overnight and the efforts required for that achievement is never shown as there is no time for it and no need for a movie director. What happen is a message getting registered in minds that success is a luck factor and not a effort factor. That only some people can have the thing who are lucky as it is obtained over-night. The fact that, one has to work hard for years, make small achievements and then one can achieve great success can be read in biographies and auto-biographies only.

This is why I no longer watch serials on TV. Writing and reading is much better activity making me fresh and which gives me opportunity to think over what I read.