Sunday, July 31, 2005

I couldn't touch the ball even once

Many have lost their possessions and lives in the heavy rain flooding in Mumbai. Still people are struggling to cope up with the forces of Nature.

I couldn't touch the ball even once
I remember the story of a football player who looked sad when his football team won the tournament. When asked he answered sadly that even though the team has won he couldn't even touch the ball, in the play, and now feels that he has done nothing for the winning of the team.

So friends like all other times this time also people will come forward and help others. People will donate money and give time for the needful people. Somehow we will win the battle of humankind with the forces of nature. But we should not have to repent later that even though the battle is won, I couldn't even touch the ball. This is our time to do something. An article written, a good word spoken, one concerning letter to a friend, some donation to the NGO, any thing what ever comes to your mind is going to work.

This is the time to show our friends that we are their true friends. This is the time to keep hope in ourselves and to understand that the most crucial help we can offer is our time and the actual presence in the affected areas, as a volunteer. I feel elated for the friends who can actually be there and help friends to cope up with the situation. This time also there will be loss, a huge loss of money and time. At least we can save relationships, we can strengthen relationships, friendships, and by showing that yes we are there we are present to be with them.

Even though I donated some money to the funds and called friends on mobile and land lines, still I feel my feet haven't touched the ball. Who ever can do this and doing it right now are people who have got chance to prove their human nature, their true inner character.

I have seen many people sitting in the balcony and saying nothing is going to happen and no help is given by the government and at the same time some one in the road below the balcony is clearing the debris and helping a man to find his belongings, without ever thinking of the governments' role in the situation. We can be at the balcony or at the road. I will choose road and every sensible person in this situation will choose the road. This is what I feel.


Saturday, July 30, 2005

Why some people are beautiful?

Many a times in my childhood I used to think why some people are beautiful and many are not so beautiful or even ugly? That question always used to crop up as soon as I saw some beautiful girl or some ugly person.

What is beauty?
Simple may it seem, but the question is difficult to answer. Now when I am a big boy, having seen many people so called beautiful and not so beautiful. What I have gathered is we have got an organ of perception and we try to get the feeling of all the things with our own perspective. If all people will have red noses then the people with non red noses will get labeled as ugly people.

Everything around us is beautiful
This is what I have summed up the answer as beauty is a relative term, what it appears now, when I am a matured person. When I feel someone is ugly, I get alarmed and re-think on my own opinion and I always end up liking that person no matter how ugly earlier I have felt to look at that person.

Remembrances of a movie
I always remember the movie "Mein Sundar Hoon" starring comedy master Mehmood. I always tell myself looking at mirror, that boss, you are very beautiful and I also tell some one each day that you are beautiful honestly. I am never wrong when saying you are beautiful to other person. Again as the term beautiful is very relative and the happiness getting spread by telling you are beautiful is worth spreading.

(You are unique. Like everybody else in the planet - cherished line)