Monday, March 14, 2005

Do we get nervous because someone is superior?

Someone better than us - nearby :O
When there is some new entry in class or group and that person is say fluent in English. We can see that person speaking very fluently with others. Obvious is the response of the listeners. People are attracted to that person. Sometimes the reaction of this incident on us is jealousy, envy or just dejection.

Can Someone superior mean we are inferior?
Yes. Many a times we get unhappy because someone is good or better than us. When I think of this situation ideally we shouldn't. Again some other person being superior never means I am inferior. But then why this feeling come to me, and hurt me continuously.

Turning mountain into Gold Mine
So if there is a new person in our group speaking fluent English instead of envy, or saying "um shisThach aahe", we can take this thing as a asset or advantage. How? Yes this can be called as taking advantage of your fear for your betterment. If looked with a different angle now we will be listening good English often around us. Certainly a chance to learn more by repetition. We can take that person as a resource for us in learning English. But often our ego comes in our way.

Are we afraid of being exposed?
Yes. We are afraid of being exposed. The fact is if we never accept that we have lots to learn, we never learn, we remain in the same position where we are. So next time when I see someone near me speaking nice in public, drawing good paintings, writing good poem, I will be happy and remember yes now I have one person who can show me how to do good in that field as a resource person.

Competition should with ourselves not others.
Rose cannot compete with Jasmine. In the same way no one on this earth can compete truly with other as each one is a unique person. S important is if I am ahead of what I was yesterday then it is progress, and time to give myself a pat on the back.


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