Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back in Action

It has been 6 months that I haven't written on this blog.  Now I am back again, and I think I will keep writing about my passion and dreams here now onwards.

Blogger has provided new cool designs in the Templates section and I tried one of the simpler designs on this blog today.  Just to remember how this blog looked like earlier I kept a snapshot of the older design which you can see with this post.  Now the blog is in my favorite font Georgia thanks to Blogger team for making layout and design so easy.

This was a hectic weekend for me.  Spent two days taking interviews for my company in Kolkata and landed back to Nagpur at night.

One important take away for me in this trip was the opportunity, to get to know, three dynamic personalities in our company.  It seldom happens while work that you get chance to discuss about work and ideas in a leisurely way.  This trip gave me the opportunity to discuss my wild #Java ideas with the Java man in company who was passionate enough to join me.  Next I got to know how things work in the new company and found that some ground rules remain same.

As always, interviewing Java candidates was sometimes thought provoking and sometime hilarious.  I must mention one candidate who gave me idea of deep cloning in a way even I have not thought.  It was a eureka moment and a moment of joy for me.

I think this is enough for the first post after so many days, will come back with more news and ideas soon.

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surajbthegeek said...

Joshi sir is an amazing query asker not that I have faced any , but as a follower of his on twitter you can just know it.

Lookin forward to his questions as I myself am a java enthusiast.