Saturday, March 18, 2006

Belly Club

Recently I joined this club. I was slightly conscious, afraid of my appearance and was dyeing to get out of this belly proportions. When I saw all around me most of the men my age have the same proportions of belly. Wow I said to me, this belly club seems a big club and I welcomed myself to this club of men having healthy :) belly.

I still have the same feelings about cutting down my belly and I also instruct myself each morning that I must exercise to do something about this thing.

The fact of life is I now have it. I have knowingly or un-knowingly joined the club and should accept it. So I have accepted. It changes your perspective of looking towards life. It changes your dressing habits. It changes you.

May be some day I will get out of this club then that will be the time to write another blog post about the experiences I may have gathered in this club.


Tushar Joshi, Nagpur