Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Freedom of Speech

One of the Bloggers Gaurav Sabnis, received a "notarized" legal notice email for his writing blogs about a Jam Magazine News.

This seems a ridiculous effort on the part of the IIPM Institute to threat a blogger to refrain from his rights to speak freely. In response to this, the news spread in mails and I also received the news through mails and I felt strongly to support Gaurav.

Some Ex-IIPM student also posted a report of his feelings and about IIPM in his blog after reading Gaurav's blog.

It is shame that Gaurav has to resign from IBM due to the threats and consequences of his blog post. I admire Gaurav for his persistence and his willingness to stand by his blogs and prove that the freedom of speech *must* be respected.

Jose Castillo says:
So now this thing is ripping through the blogs at a mile a minute, IIMP is
the number one search on Technorati , there is a wikipedia entry about them and
there appears to be no end in sight. The entire web community is hopping mad
that IIPM thinks it can crush the free speech that they love.
Is there a
lesson here… if you are a major entity and you are accused of doing something,
don’t pick on the bloggers, especially if the accusations are true.
about it… how honest are you.

Yeah! IIPM has become top search term on Technorati.