Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Boy with diamond eyes.

Play corner with slide, my daughters favorite place
Following my normal routine I stopped at the small play corner with my 3 year young (why people use this old word don't know) daughter. Each open ground in Nagpur is normally a play place for kids. Jaiprakash Nagar ground has an exception of a small slide with a merry-go-round of four plastic ducks. My daughter is very much fond of this slide (ghasargundee) so it is my habit to stop by this play corner whenever I pass by this place.

There was a boy with glittering eyes.
Today I saw a small boy around 8 to 9 years young, playing on the merry-go-round with immense happiness in his eyes. He was playing on the toys just as he is playing for the last time in his life. Ok I was not reading his mind but what appeared to me from his actions was very near to that.

His eyes were telling me that he is the happiest boy in the world today. What is so great about this play corner that the boy was so happy? Thoughts started crossing my mind. Being happy for playing is ok but this happiness was extreme. My daughter started playing on the slide, and with her usual style started uttering random words, and talking to me. Baba, yaa na.ntar malaa dairy milk gheoon deshil. Ho beta aapan gheu ha dairy milk, like this I was also responding with a playfull way.

Parting time - a touchy lesson
Then suddenly with great pain in his eyes the boy stopped playing. I was curious about what he will do next. He uncovered one big vessel full with Idli-sambar from under a big cloth that he has kept under the bushes. He kept the vessel on his head and suddenly there was a small vocal instrument in his hands the same which is used in earlier rikshaw pullers. He started yelling Idli-sambar, with his voice flute, and started his business for living.

Then it occurred to me. He was playing as much as he can between his business trip, that he has to make daily for his living. Oh, Boy what he was doing in his play age. Looking towards my daughter unaware of all this earthly facts, I had feeling so touchy that I cannot express in these mundane words.

Boy with diamond eyes
That play corner always reminds me the facts of this life. That boy with sparkling eyes and his desire to play when he was burdened by the destiny to sell idli-sambar on the streets.


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