Tuesday, March 15, 2005

If you want to remove mud - pour more water

Glass of water with mud
Suppose you have a glass with some mud in it. You want to remove that mud. That mud is a sore in your eye. You cannot stand that mud. You also don't want to touch that mud. Just the thought of touching the mud is petrifying to you. But you have one way to remove the mud. Simply hold the glass below a tap of water. Water will fill in the glass making the mud dilute. Finally the water will start spilling over the edges of the glass. One time will come that the glass will have just clear water and no mud.

So the simple theory is pour so much water and keep no space for mud to stay. This way we didn't even have to discuss mud, or touch it.

Can we spread so much good in the world that all bad will have no space?
Can this theory be applied to life in some extent. It will be a fantastic idea, and we will not have to discuss the bad things, or even touch them to remove them. So I can think of filling the cup of the life with so much good deeds, so much god thoughts that bad things, bad thoughts get no space to stay.

Can a disturbing habit replaced by Good One just like mud with water?
If I think on this line I can also think of doing something good in place of what I used to as a bad habit. Just removing a bad habit is always a pain. But the object of this discussion is not to remove the bad things. But paying more attention to the good things, and strengthening them so much that the other things diminish automatically.

Come on friends. Yes we can fill this world with so many good things that evil things, unwanted things get very little space to survive.

So I can appreciate someone today…
I will find good qualities in friends and tell them today…
I will realize my error and say sorry without hesitation…
This list will go long way and I will try to give my best to this day for filling it with happiness, god things, the objective being leaving very little space to the unwanted substance.


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