Tuesday, March 29, 2005

When a friend takes you away

When a friend takes you away from your studies, then he cannot be your true friend. Times may come that your true friends ask you to spend some time with them, when you need to study. This is a crucial time. You have to say no to the friend. You have to show courage of telling the friend that if he asked to bunk studies then he is not a true friend. If he really is a true friend he will get the message quickly. Probably he will also join the study.

Friends who take you away from your health and study are actually enemies in a friends disguise. If I want to be true friend to somebody I always look if unknowingly I am taking my friend away from his studies. I have no right to ruin his life just for mundane happiness of temporary moments.

If you cannot change the peer group to behave in favor of study and health, either you have to be more influential to make decisions for the whole group or you must have the courage to change your peer group. Even form a new group with your own ideals.

Friendship is the most beautiful association on the earth if taken seriously.

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