Saturday, March 19, 2005

Glimpses of a Poem 2

Grace name is synonymous to mysterious words. Words with deep meaning and a internal rhythm. We not only get involve in the rhythm but also become overwhelmed with emotions coming from between the lines of the poem.

In his book "chandramaadhaveeche Pradesh", Grace has written a wonderful poem named "paauusgaaNe".

meghaa.nche kosaLatee parvat
daree ninaade door
gaav chimukaLe vaahoon jaaiil
asaa kashaalaa poor

Rain when takes the form of flood, it can take away all the things it has given us. Grace has achieved a dramatic effect of fear from the word mountain in the first line of this stanza. Most of the poems written by Grace are picturesque. They create an exact picture of what is happening in from on our eyes.

In the third line when he says tiny village, it efficiently expresses the awareness of nature's power of destruction. Yes in front of this nature we are really trivial, and tiny in size. When we think of our galaxy we get the feeling how small we are and then if we think about our arguments and fights between person and person we can understand how foolish we are.

The village is being carried away along water in the flood and the viewer is helpless with numerous question in mind about why me? Why me?

Each time I read this poem it creates a strange touchy feeling in me. Ok friends this is for today.

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