Saturday, March 12, 2005

Buying college projects - Recent Trend

Scenario - College Campus final year students.

Hey friends, see we are a group of five students, but no body of us know programming language to that level which is required to make a good and impressive project. But friends our project must be superb, I mean mind-blowing, everybody must praise our project.

So what to do friends. Yes I know one of our senior who was telling they have purchased their final project from some person. We can go there and in just 5000 to 6000 rupees i.e. a 1000 per student we can get the project done from them.

Ok. We all agree. As we have to complete all our journals, and all the assignments are also due, and what, see our examinations are also near. How are we going to learn all the state of the art languages, required to make a complete project in this much 3 months time frame.

Hey I met our guide yesterday and he was telling me to make our project look good, I mean good graphics, and some things like adding some voice or telephony or networking anything that rocks. How are we going to do all those things without any guidance?

Ok friends after meeting the provider we have finalized the project in 7000 rupees. They will give us the source code and also will explain what they have done in programming. And they will also help us in making our project reports. Now we are relieved man, really.

And one more thing we will not be disclosing this thing to anybody. It is understood that we have developed this project by or own.

(This is a bitter fact now a days I have seen amongst students. I am still thinking for the solution of this problem.)


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