Saturday, July 30, 2005

Why some people are beautiful?

Many a times in my childhood I used to think why some people are beautiful and many are not so beautiful or even ugly? That question always used to crop up as soon as I saw some beautiful girl or some ugly person.

What is beauty?
Simple may it seem, but the question is difficult to answer. Now when I am a big boy, having seen many people so called beautiful and not so beautiful. What I have gathered is we have got an organ of perception and we try to get the feeling of all the things with our own perspective. If all people will have red noses then the people with non red noses will get labeled as ugly people.

Everything around us is beautiful
This is what I have summed up the answer as beauty is a relative term, what it appears now, when I am a matured person. When I feel someone is ugly, I get alarmed and re-think on my own opinion and I always end up liking that person no matter how ugly earlier I have felt to look at that person.

Remembrances of a movie
I always remember the movie "Mein Sundar Hoon" starring comedy master Mehmood. I always tell myself looking at mirror, that boss, you are very beautiful and I also tell some one each day that you are beautiful honestly. I am never wrong when saying you are beautiful to other person. Again as the term beautiful is very relative and the happiness getting spread by telling you are beautiful is worth spreading.

(You are unique. Like everybody else in the planet - cherished line)


Shantisudha said...

Yes! well said.
* Beauty lies in the heart and mind and not in the outward appearance.
* Beauty lies in the sight of the viewer.

Anonymous said...

Very true.Inner beauty is what matters.
-- Seema

Ayame_Mizrahi said...

I agree with you. Beauty is something that lies within a person. I have often seen girls with beautiful apperances but have the most disgusting personalities. I'm glad that you can see past those things. ^__^

~ Donna