Sunday, May 01, 2005

Who am I?

When I think of my existence in this world going away from myself, I see a city, a nation, a continent, a planet left behind. Then a galaxy, then a set of galaxy may be, towards an assumed infinite Universe. That time when I look back my size with comparison to these entities I suddenly feel I am nothing. Suddenly all my mundane problems leave me for some time and I am happy as a child. It feels good, real good.

The same is the case with books. Once I thought that I will real all books in this world. In a math class when I tried to calculate my reading speed and then figured out the scope of my desire I found it will take many reincarnations to do such a ambitious activity. Suddenly all my pressure was gone. I no longer feel insecure about so many books around and the fact that I have read very few.

Now I have a plan to choose what ever book comes to me and read it as I know no matter how many of them I read it will always be less. So now I read for pleasure of reading. I think the correct way I got atlast.