Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Personality Development Camps

Exams over, April comes with Holidays
March end means summer holidays. As soon as the exams are over near April 10 all students will be having around 2 months of holidays. In Nagpur this season is for Summer Camps. Many are named as "Medha Samvardhan Shibir", "PreraNaa Shibir", "Personality Development Camp", "Confidence Camp" and what not.

Camp life is thrilling
I strongly believe that students should go to these types of camps, as these camps teach the students discipline, yoga, cooperation, time awareness, self respect and self confidence. All these qualities introduced in one package, is what makes these camps a place worth to visit once in a season.

You come to know others
The most important thing students get in these camps apart from all other things is acquaintance with many more students from different areas. This exposure is what makes them open up with their problems and build internal confidence.

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